Common fake rock candies

Common fake rock candies

Common fake rock candies

- Use of a Very Poisonous and Cancerous Substance Called ‘Blankit’:

As mentioned before, in unauthorized factories that producing unhealthy rock candy, a very poisonous and cancerous substance called ‘blankit’ (sugar acid) is unfortunately used to increase economic profit and by using fewerpure raw materials. This substance has a very strong whitening effect by which unfortunately the burnt and black molasses can be re-used several times to produce rock candy. Blankit is not only cancerous, but also leads to respiratory, digestive, skin and eye problems.

- Using Additive Colors and Impure Saffron Instead of Pure Saffron in Saffron Rock Candies:

Saffron rock candy is the most conventional and popular type of rock candy. Considering the high price of pure saffron in comparison with its fake replacements as well as the artificial colors used to produce counterfeit saffron, there sometimes are productions of unauthorized and unhealthy rock candy. The stable color of saffron is basically yellow or light orange. The natural and healthy saffron cover over the rock candy maintains its taste and smell and only turns pale when exposed to light. Rock Candy available in the market that have a dark orange or even red colors are fully contaminated by artificial, cancerous and purely unhealthy colors which are harmful for people's health. These colors are very stable and remain unchanged against light over time due to the existing chemicals in them. Also instead of using saffron stigmas that are put over the rock candy to decorate, dyed peduncles of saffron (that are called as saffron roots colloquially), safflowers and stigma fibers of maize, etc., are used to decorate rock candy and hence cut costs.

- Excessive Moisture:

In usual traditional methods of producing rock candy, the product is not fully dried due to the lack of suitable equipment and is packed with a high percentage of moisture. This amount of moisture not only affects the quality of product, but also the net weight of the purchased product.

- Using Egg Whites as a Filtering Method:

This method is used in the phase in which the molasses are filtered. Egg whites are commonly used to filter the molasses, which then cause a foul and pungent egg odor when the final product, rock candy is consumed in warm beverages.